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ARA Research & Consultancy

Looking for assistance in Customer Satisfaction, expansion & retention, concept development, problem solving, or establishing business in the Middle East, in ARA Research & Consultancy Your Goals are Ours. ARA is specialized in high involvement sectors such automotive, real estate and investment, banks, and new techonolgies in addition to Media. We provide decision makers with advices based on Empirical Evidences. We use our research expertise, local and business knowledget and specialized expertise to improve our clients efficiency and return. Discover how ARA empowers businesses at companies like Nissan, Kuwait Oil Company, and many other in the fields of:
1. Customer Satisfaction and Mystery Shopping

2. Market Research
2.1 Image and Positioning
2.2 Usage and Attitude
2.3 Price Elasticity
2.4 Demand Estimation
2.5 Concept Evaluation

3. Opinion & Corporate Studies
3.1 Corporate Research & Consultancy
3.2 Internal Environment (Barometer)
3.3 Employees Satisfaction
3.4 Internal Communication
3.5 Internal Branding
3.6 Opinion Polls
3.7 Social Studies

4. Media Research
4.1 Media Audience Measurement
4.2 Media Content


Commercial affiliations


Research conducted in:

Research conducted in:
Regions: Countries:
  • Middle East
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia

Specialised in = Specialisation

Scope of business:

Scope of business:
Market Sectors: Research Solutions: Research services:
Specialised in Automotive
Specialised in Financial Services
Specialised in Petrol / Oil / Gas
Specialised in Telecommunications

Advertising / Public Relations
Charity / Non-profit
Foods / Nutrition
Public Sector / Government
Specialised in Customer Satisfaction Studies
Specialised in Employee Research
Specialised in Audience Research
Specialised in Opinion Polling

Brand Research
Concept Testing
Consumer Research
Image Studies
Product Testing
Tracking Studies
Usage & Attitude Studies
Desk Research
Mystery shoppers
Focus groups
in-depth interviews

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Office 219
293718 Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 (0) 4 7017-244
Fax: +971 (0) 4 7017-246

Key people
Mr. Tarek Ammar
Mr. Imad Bashour
Mr. Majed Ghorbal
Ms. Roula Ammar
Mr. Murzi Darwalla

Tarek Ammar

Founded in: 2002
Employees: 42
Interviewers: 0
Turnover: US$ 4,000,000 +