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Gallup Pakistan is the leading survey research agency in Pakistan. Gallup Pakistan has worked extensively with public and private sector partners within & outside Pakistan. Gallup's Pakistan’s repute for accuracy, integrity and quality has been creditably maintained & recognized in the country.

Founded 1980
Employees Over 100
Interviewers Over 300

Company type:

  • Full Service Market Research Agency

Gallup International

Professional Associations:

  • Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN)
  • World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR)
  • Marketing Research Society of Pakistan
  • Marketing Association of Pakistan

ISO 9001

Established in 1980, one of the country’s oldest and largest research institution, Gallup Pakistan is a full service research organization having Full Service Offices in Karachi , Lahore and Islamabad as well as field network throughout Pakistan. In a year, we conduct over 50 high profile local and international research studies along with 200,000 HH Surveys using our internal team of over 100 interviewers.
The company is widely attributed to being the founder of the science of polling in Pakistan and brings over 40 years of experience in conducting and analyzing opinion polling in Pakistan. As the oldest national research and public opinion organization. In Consumer Research, GP is one of the market leaders in Media studies providing advertising monitoring service and ad hoc media research, besides being a major provider of Mystery Shopping and Third Party Evaluation Studies.
Well known for its experience and integrity, Gallup Pakistan is one of the country's most respected opinion and socio-economic research organizations, widely quoted in national and international journals. We have an expertise and a detailed experience of research on Small and Medium Enterprises in the manufacturing, services and trade sectors as well as in small and micro-credit markets. Gallup Pakistan has done intensive work in in the field of Financial Inclusion, including survey and consultancy work in both Demand & Supply side Surveys for conventional (Banking, Insurance, Investment Instruments) as well as non-conventional Instruments such as Microfinance Institutions, Microfinance Banks and Mobile Money.
A focus on new technologies (including use of GPS and Tablets) makes it one of the foremost research organization.
At Gallup Experience and Youthful passion combines to make a winning combination.

Research specializations

Market Sectors

  • Consultancy
  • Durables / Electrical Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Public Sector / Government
  • Telecommunications

Research Solutions

  • Business-to-business
  • Demographic Research
  • Media Research
  • Audience Research
  • Television

Research Services

  • Consultancy
  • Marketing Research
  • Data Collection / Field Services
  • Gamification
  • Mobile Research
  • Mobile Phone Surveys
  • Quantitative
  • CAPI
  • Mail

Research conducted in


  • Asia (Pacific)


  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan

Key people

Dr. Ijaz Gilani
Chairman & Ceo

Amnah Imtiaz

Fatima Amir

Heraa Abdul Sattar

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