Muhimma Digital Platform

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Corporate Member ESOMAR Corporate Member

8074, Al-Ahsa Street, Malaz 2797,
12831 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966556038657

Muhimma is Middle East's first technology platform for consumer insights & analytics. Using advanced technologies and a crowdsourcing model, we enable our customers to directly interact with thousands of real consumers of their products & services.

Founded 2018
Employees 25
Turnover Confidential
Interviewers Automated

Company type:

  • Data Collection / Field Services
  • International Market Research Services
  • Quantitative Research Services

Muhimma is Middle East's 1st Technology Platform for Consumer Insights & Analytics.
We have one objective: to enable public sector organizations, consumer brands, and retailers better understand consumer behaviors.
We achieve that by empowering our customers to directly interact with real consumers of their products and services.
We help brands stay on top of their game in 3 distinct ways:
Access to Real Consumers: We crowdsource real consumers of your brand and category
Direct Interaction with Consumers: Platform business model enables gathering first-hand insights & get tasks done
Advanced Technology: Advanced technology tools for secured data collection, analysis, and presentation

Research specializations

Market Sectors

  • Beverages
  • Confectionery
  • Cosmetics / Hygiene
  • Detergents
  • Electronics
  • Fashion Industry
  • Financial Services
  • Foods / Nutrition
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
  • Retail / Wholesale
  • Restaurants / Food Service

Research Solutions

  • Advertising & Marketing effectiveness
  • Advertising Research - General
  • Brand Research
  • Online/Mobile Panel
  • Retail Research
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Shopper Insights
  • Store Audits
  • Syndicated Research
  • Tracking Studies
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Website Usability

Research Services

  • Consultancy
  • Consumer Research
  • New Product Research
  • Mobile Research
  • Mobile Qualitative
  • Qualitative
  • Focus groups
  • Support Service provider
  • Platform and Cloud (incl. SaaS)

Research conducted in


  • Africa
  • Middle East


  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates

Key people

Ms. Riolo Rosalba
COO, Head of insights & Analytics

Ms. Rosalba Riolo

Mr. Warris Ansari



Facility details


Muhimma Digital Platform Co.
8074, Al-Ahsa Street, Malaz 2797,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Muhimma Digital Platform Co. DMCC
Cluster R, Jumeirah Lakes Towers,
Unit JLT-PH2-RET-R5, PO Box 336851,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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