Johannesburg, South Africa

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The Station
63 Peter Place, Bryanston
2021 Johannesburg
South Africa
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A thinking research company, Livingfacts uses appropriate research methodologies to answer questions about your clients, market, products, strategy and company. Extensive experience in Financial, Investment, Retirement Funds Health markets.

Founded 2001
Employees 6
Interviewers 65

Company type:

  • Full Service Market Research Agency
  • Qualitative Research Consultant / Moderator
  • Quantitative Research Services

Professional Associations:

  • AMA - American Marketing Association


Qualitative and Quantitative Research Solutions Including…rnrnMarket Structure & SizernrnAdvertising, Campaign & Communication EffectivenessrnrnUsage & AwarenessrnrnSegmentationrnrnBrand Positioning & AffinityrnrnCustomer & Employee Satisfaction & InsightsrnrnLoyalty / NPS & NESrnrnCategory & Buying NeedsrnrnTactical Marketing (including: Pricing; Product; Promotions)rnrnChannel to MarketrnrnB2B RelationshipsrnrnCompetitor AnalysisrnrnCustomer ProfilingrnrnCollection of insights for “big data” and 1-to-1 marketingrnrnrnrnWhat Makes LivingFacts Unique…rnrnRelationships & Communication are KeyrnrnPersonal, CATI, Web & Mobile Research Platforms AvailablernrnCustomisationrnrnExperienced ThinkersrnrnBusiness & Solutions OrientedrnrnQuality CenteredrnrnrnrnNew Services…rnrnClient bespoke research communitiesrnrnrnrnOur Research Industry Expertise…rnrnResearch for Business, Advertising, Communication & Marketing Strategy rnrnB2B RelationshipsrnrnFinancial ServicesrnrnPharmaceuticalsrnrnTelecommunicationsrnrnPetroleum & ChemicalsrnrnLogistics & DistributionrnrnChannels to MarketrnrnRetail & WholesalernrnPrestige BrandsrnrnUpper LSM CustomersrnrnBeauty & HealthrnrnProfessional ServicesrnrnTechnology rnrnrnrnFounded: 2001rnrnBBBEE Status: Level 4 Contributorrnrn

Research specializations

Market Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Energy / Utilities
  • Fragrance Industry
  • IT / Software / Hardware

Research Solutions

  • Business-to-business
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Employee Research
  • New Product Research
  • New Product Development
  • Retail Research
  • Store Audits

Research Services

  • Analytical Services
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • New Product Research
  • Social Media Research
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Quantitative
  • CATI
  • Research Software
  • Research Software - General

Research conducted in


  • Africa


  • South Africa

Key people

Ms. Marylou Jean Kneale
Managing Director
Linkedin profile

Marylou Kneale

Heidi Clowes

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