Global Consulting & Development Associates LLC

Gjilan, Kosovo

Corporate Member ESOMAR Corporate Member

Bulevardi i Pavarsise II/2
60000 Gjilan
Phone: +38349203203
Fax: +38338726391

Global Consulting & Development Associates is established in 2009, and since then has been providing high quality research services in the Balkan region.

Founded 2009
Employees 10
Interviewers 50

Company type:

  • Full Service Market Research Agency
  • Qualitative Research Consultant / Focus Group Facility
  • Quantitative Research Services

ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015

We at Global Consulting & Development Associates LLC, has a vast experience in the field of research and professional staff, we have been able to provide high quality research services to clients including, governmental institutions, international donor organization, international companies, and private sector in the Balkan region.
In this matter we provide the following services:
• Market Research
• Quantitative Research
• Observations/Participant Observation
• Survey
• Interviews
• Qualitative Research
• Traditional Qualitative Research
• Focus Groups
• Sensitized Groups
• Depth Motivation Studies
• In-depth interviews
• Experiments
• Data Analysis
• Community Survey
• Education Survey Research
• Economic Development Research
• Social Research
• Employee Research Services
• Employee Satisfaction Research
• Employee Retention
• Mystery shopping survey
• Create a better customer experience through uncovering actionable things you can improve
• Highlight training opportunities within your staff
• Provides you with a view of the customer experience your employees are providing when no one is looking
• Data Management Services
• Data Entry Services
• Mail Survey
• Online Research

Research specializations

Market Sectors

  • Consultancy
  • Non-Profit / Fund Raising
  • Public Sector / Government
  • Service Industries
  • Tobacco / Cigarettes

Research Solutions

  • Business-to-business
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Public Opinion / Political
  • Opinion Polling
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Retail Research
  • Mystery Shopping

Research Services

  • Data Collection / Field Services
  • Data Collection Management
  • Qualitative
  • Focus groups
  • Quantitative
  • CAPI
  • CATI
  • Mystery shoppers

Research conducted in


  • Europe (Central/Eastern)


  • Albania
  • Macedonia

Key people

Mr. Arsim Vranovci

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