Douala, Cameroon

Akwa, Boulevard de la liberte
Phone: +237694050799

Quick reply to your request, Quick setup of projects and a Quick turnaround time at a Reasonable cost.We are a full market research agency with an extensive but closed network of reliable and experienced market research experts across Africa and some countries in Europe.

Founded 2013
Employees 12
Interviewers 105

Company type:

  • Data Collection / Field Services
  • Full Service Market Research Agency
  • International Market Research Services

ACCIO (Catalonia Trade & Investment)

A54 Marketing Group is a fast growing full market research agency based in Cameroon.
We have an extensive network of experienced market research consultants and a questionnaire programming and data analysis hub in Cameroon.

To ensure continuous, reliable and timely delivery of projects at a reasonable cost we work with independent data collectors, supervisors, project managers, questionnaire programmers and data analyst within our verified network which we do business repeatedly with.

We are dedicated in supporting companies, government organizations, institutions, NGO's and CRO's in collecting data that will provide the right insights necessary to offer solutions, services or products that better meet the needs of African consumers.
Our main area of expertise are qualitative and quantitative studies,questionnaire design,data collection, data processing and analysis, recruitment and consumer consulting board.

Expect a fast reply to your request, fast set-up and fast turnaround time at a reasonable cost. However, our priority is delivering quality data and insights to our clients and partners.

Key people

Mr. Denis Wung
Market Research Director Africa

Dr. Simon Fils

Brown DJ

Evans Howard

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