Market Intelligence Caucasus, Licensee of TNS

Tbilisi, Georgia

27 Kavtaradze Str
4 Floor
0186 Tbilisi
Phone: +995-32- 295 76 30
Fax: +995-32- 294 00 37

10+ years on South Caucasus Market. Exclusive licensee of TNS.

Founded 2007
Employees 42
Turnover USD 1000000
Interviewers 180

Company type:

  • Consulting services
  • Full Service Market Research Agency
  • Analytical services


Innovative Market Research Expertise covers the entire product life-cycle: from developing products to building brands and marketing communications to optimizing the customer shopping experience to improving customer and employee satisfaction to media measurement and purchasing tracking.

TNS offers its clients finance research and marketing insights in areas such as product development, brand positioning, pricing, forecasting, communications, segmentation and stakeholder management. TNS also offers a range of syndicated services across Georgia.

TNS is the provider of customized research solutions in the sectors of FMCG, finance, pharmaceuticals, home appliances and media. Strategic goal of the company is to deliver value added market research information that help the clients make more effective business decisions.

The company employs a wide range of qualitative and qualitative methodologies, including: Face-to-face interviews, CAPI, CATI, focus groups, in-depth interviews and observational techniques.

TNS Georgia covers Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia and has got the facility to work through its network partners over 80 countries in the world.

Type of research :

Face-to-face (paper and pencil)


Focus group discussions

In-depth interviews


In hall test

Good experience in sectors:

Banks and Microfinance companies, FMCG (Diary products, Beer), Home appliances, Tobacco, Pharmacy

Good experience in directions:

Retail Audit

Research specializations

Market Sectors

  • Advertising / Public Relations
  • Consultancy
  • Financial Services
  • Tobacco / Cigarettes
  • Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure

Research Solutions

  • Consumer Research
  • Media Research
  • Radio
  • Retail Research
  • Sales Tracking
  • Syndicated Research
  • Usage & Attitude Studies

Research Services

  • Analytical Services
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Qualitative
  • Creativity / Ideation Workshops
  • Quantitative
  • CAPI
  • CATI

Research conducted in


  • Asia (Pacific)
  • Europe (Central/Eastern)


  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Czech Republic
  • Georgia
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

Key people

Mrs. Salome Kajaia

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