Unit 202, Building 7, M50 Creative Park
50 Moganshan Road
200060 Shanghai
Phone: +86-21-6298.2606
Fax: +86-21-6298.0775

Labbrand is an innovative global agency originated in China that infuses brand thinking into market research. With comprehensive methodologies incl. qualitative, quantitative, ethnography and semiotics etc., we decode culture and behaviors to provide unique perspectives and insightful solutions.

Founded 2005
Employees 60
Turnover USD 5.000.000
Interviewers 8

Company type:

  • Consulting services
  • Full Service Market Research Agency
  • International Market Research Services

Professional Associations:

  • Semiofest

Labbrand is a leading China-originated global consultancy with a global footprint that includes regional operations in APAC (Shanghai, Singapore), Europe (Paris), and North America (New York, Vancouver).

By utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, innovation workshops, semiotic analysis, ethnography, online community, segmentation research, as well as exploring the cutting edge neuro biometrics monitoring, we carefully designed our research products to lead your brand journeys and facilitate your implementations. We offer:
• Positioning Research
• Go-to-Market Optimization Research
• Product/Service Development Research
• Name & Design Testing
• Brand Equity Tracking

We go a step further in being trusted advisors to truly make an impact for your brand in the market:
• We have a natural chemistry with brand owners that invest their heart and soul into their venture
• We are process driven
• We will not only redefine your brand but will also bring it to life
• We tailor-make each of our projects
• Together, we will lead the project to a state that will make your brand more impactful
• We are committed to make your business successful

Labbrand hosted Semiofest 2014 in China, and is a respected speaker at ESOMAR APAC in 2011 and 2017, as well as the 2017 ESOMAR Congress. Our clients include Unilever, L’Oreal, Alibaba, Airbnb, Uber, Audi, Group PSA, Four Seasons, Club Med, Disney, Haribo, Mondelez, Hershey’s etc.

Research specializations

Market Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics / Hygiene
  • Fragrance Industry
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
  • Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure

Research Solutions

  • Brand Research
  • Concept development & Strategy
  • Concept Testing
  • Consumer Research
  • New Product Research
  • Product / Sensory Testing
  • Semiotic and Cultural Analysis

Research Services

  • Consultancy
  • Consumer Research
  • International Research
  • Qualitative
  • Focus groups
  • Semiotics Research and Analysis
  • Research Software
  • Ethnography

Research conducted in


  • Asia (Pacific)
  • Europe (Northern/Western)


  • Cambodia
  • China
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Key people

Mr. Vladimir Djurovic
Linkedin profile

Mr. Nicolas Farman

Ms. Yukino Yamamoto

Ms. Chingling Ng


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