Maction Consulting Private Limited

Ahmedabad, India

Corporate Member ESOMAR Corporate Member

A-1/D, Chinubhai Tower, Near H.K. College, Ashram Road
380009 Ahmedabad
Phone: +919904645599

Maction is a full-service market research and consulting firm. We provide quantitative and qualitative research, statistical data analysis, business and marketing consultancy services to various clients across the globe.

Founded 2015

Company type:

  • Data Collection / Field Services
  • Full Service Market Research Agency
  • Quantitative Research Services

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Maction empowers industry leaders in diverse sectors to make strategic, cost-effective decisions based on key insights gleaned from our research.

Our company's services are extensive and consist of Market Entry Strategy Studies/ New Market Identification/ Market Understanding studies, New Product or New Concept Testing with your prospective customers/current customers, Customers’ Expectation, Usage, Attitude, Perception, Feedback and Service Evaluation Studies, Customers’ Satisfaction (C-SAT) Surveys, Employee Satisfaction (ESS) Surveys, Promotional Effectiveness/Campaign Effectiveness studies/ Media Reach Assessments, Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking Studies, Industry Reports (Secondary research-based), General Perception and Feedback studies of the general public (Society), Social and Development Sector Research, Socio-Economic Research Studies and Impact Evaluation Studies.

Core research sectors include Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Durables, Education, Finance, FMCG, Health Care, Industrial, IT, Media, Real Estate, Retail, Rural, Social, and Telecom.

Our Differentiators:
•Experiential Wisdom: Highly experienced senior management and skilled resources (researchers, statisticians, field and support functions)
•Methodological Expertise: Our expertise covers all sorts of research and survey analytics.
•Unmatched Professionalism: We strictly adhere to our business commitments, quality and standards. (ISO 20252:2012 certified)

Research specializations

Market Sectors

  • Advertising / Public Relations
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Services
  • Telecommunications

Research Solutions

  • Advertising & Marketing effectiveness
  • Advertising Research - General
  • Brand Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Demographic Research
  • Public Opinion / Political
  • Opinion Polling
  • Social Research

Research Services

  • Analytical Services
  • Big Data
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Business-to-Business Research
  • New Product Research
  • Political / Opinion Research
  • Social / Cultural Research
  • Data Collection / Field Services
  • Field Department - Independent
  • Quantitative
  • CAPI
  • CATI
  • PAPI

Research conducted in


  • Asia (Pacific)


  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

Key people

Mr. Mahendra Chaudhary
Managing Director

Mr. Sekar Murugaesan

Dr. Shikha Mehta

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