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Userneeds is a leading supplier of online research

Over the last 10 years, Userneeds has been continuously growing and establishing our business as an integrated part of the research community in the Nordic region and as a trusted partner to many media companies, research based and consulting firms in the region.
We always aim to provide the highest quality on the market and have an uncompromising approach to methodology.

1. We provide online fieldwork to our partners via our panels:
- Denmark = 98.000 panelists
- Sweden = 115.000 panelists
- Norway = 35.000 panelists
- Finland = 42.000 panelists
- Ireland = 31.000 panelists
Building panels in Switzerland and Austria, ready for surveys in 2016.

Our unique recruitment process of our online panels in the Nordic countries and Ireland means we deliver high quality online surveys to a broad range of public and private customers with a need for insights and/or market knowledge.

We have the largest and best-profiled online panels in the Nordic region which makes it possible to deliver extremely large samples with representative spread.
We also conduct surveys amongst small segments or specified target groups.

2. Userneeds also conduct online website surveys through our survey tool Webstatus which measures the user friendliness of your website.
We have conducted more than 2,000 Webstatus surveys in over 10 countries.
These countries include Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
We wo

Professional Associations   

  User Experience Group Denmark

Research conducted in:

Research conducted in:
Regions: Countries:
  • Europe (Northern/Western)
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Specialised in = Specialisation

Scope of business:

Scope of business:
Market Sectors: Research Solutions: Research services:
Specialised in Advertising / Public Relations
Specialised in Automotive
Specialised in Casinos/Gambling
Specialised in Energy / Utilities
Specialised in Financial Services
Specialised in IT / Software / Hardware
Specialised in Logistic / Mail / Transportation
Specialised in Cable / Satellite TV
Specialised in Internet / Online
Specialised in Television
Specialised in Petrol / Oil / Gas
Specialised in Public Sector / Government
Specialised in Publishing
Specialised in Drug Stores / Pharmacies
Specialised in Telecommunications
Specialised in Tobacco / Cigarettes
Specialised in Toys / Games
Specialised in Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure

Consumer Services
Cosmetics / Hygiene
Durables / Electrical Goods
Foods / Nutrition
Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
Print Publications
New Products
Non-Profit / Fund Raising
Political Polling / Planning
Real Estate
Fast Food Industry
Mass Merchandisers
Restaurants / Food Service
Service Industries
Social Development Organisations
Textile / Fashion / Clothing
Specialised in Advertising Tracking
Specialised in Concept Testing
Specialised in Consumer Research
Specialised in Image Studies
Specialised in Tracking Studies

Copy Testing
Concept / Positioning Development
Corporate Image Research
Demographic Research
International Studies
Internet / Online
Mystery Shopping
Car Clinics
Product Development
Packaging / Design
Pricing Studies
Store Audits
Reputation Research
Segmentation Research
Senior Citizen / Mid-life
Web Panel
Website Usability

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Jens Kofods Gade
1st floor
1268 Copenhagen K
Phone: 453 344 4444

Key people
Mr. Karsten Busck
Mr. Lasse Makne
Mr. Johnny Jensen
Mr. Jacob Petersen
Mr. Henrik Vincentz

Karsten Busck

Fieldwork and Tabulation
Founded in: 2001
Employees: 40
Turnover: 4.500.000 EUR