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IROResearch Oy

IRO Research Oy (Ltd.) is a full service independent research agency. We have at our premises a fully equipped CATI center. We also offer fully equipped viewing facilities for qualitative fieldwork in the heart of Helsinki. Our strengths are knowledge in research planning, understanding of marketing and marketing communications and knowledge and experience of the Finnish market and people.

IRONet (Bellview Web) is our solution for conducting interviews over the World Wide Web. We do surveys over the Web both on issues related to the Web and on "traditional" marketing research. You always also have the opportunity to use our CATI-recruited IRONetPanel, which consists of more than 37.000 internet users.

If you want to know and understand Finnish consumer or b-to-b markets, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Research conducted in:

Research conducted in:
Regions: Countries:
  • Europe (Northern/Western)
  • Finland

Specialised in = Specialisation

Scope of business:

Scope of business:
Market Sectors: Research Solutions: Research services:
Specialised in Advertising / Public Relations
Specialised in Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
Specialised in IT / Software / Hardware
Specialised in Media
Specialised in Telecommunications

Catering / Hospitality
Charity / Non-profit
Cosmetics / Hygiene
Durables / Electrical Goods
Energy / Utilities
Financial Services
Fragrance Industry
Foods / Nutrition
Logistic / Mail / Transportation
Petrol / Oil / Gas
Public Sector / Government
Retail / Wholesale
Textile / Fashion / Clothing
Tobacco / Cigarettes
Toys / Games
Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure
Specialised in Advertising Research
Specialised in Brand Research
Specialised in Business-to-business
Specialised in Tracking Studies
Specialised in Web Panel

Children / Youth's Research
Concept Testing
Consumer Research
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Demographic Research
Employee Research
Image Studies
International Studies
Media Testing
Audience Research
Product Research
Product Testing
Packaging / Design
Pricing Studies
Projective Techniques
Segmentation Research
Senior Citizen / Mid-life
Statistic Analysis
Usage & Attitude Studies
Desk Research
Focus groups
in-depth interviews
Online focus groups

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Kansakoulukatu 1A
64 Helsinki
Phone: +358-9-774.0600
Fax: +358-9-7740.6060

Key people
Mr. Markku Martikainen
Mr. Vesa Väisänen
Mr. Harri Kyttälä
Mr. Hannu Horttana
Mr. Antti Suomela

Markku Martikainen

Full Service Agency
Founded in: 1990
Employees: 24
Interviewers: 230
Turnover: EUR 3.700.000