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Wilson Qualitative Research Consultants

WQRC's 'raison d'être' is understanding consumers and more generally users, not only their behaviours but also everything that can explain them, what they feel, think, know and do (or aspire to do, would do).

We provide our clients, be they The Client or an agency working for a client, with answers and advice as to how to adjust the ‘offering’ and more broadly the positioning – of product and/or brand – for greater results because we believe that getting the positioning right is what it's all about.

WQRC is about helping you getting the most useful information and knowing how to interpret it to transform it into valuable insights on which to ground strategy and marketing actions.

Whether New concept testing, Product development, Brand imagery and Advertising, Website user experience, etc. we are able to help using classic as well as online qualitative approaches, not forgetting ethnography.
WQRC areas of expertise include many fields and topics, both BtoC and BtoB.

Last but not least, WQRC prides itself in the ability to work with equal comfort and efficiency in French and in English and in being small and totally involved in every project, putting as much thought into both the strategic and the details.


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Research conducted in:

Research conducted in:
Regions: Countries:
  • Europe (Northern/Western)
  • France
  • United Kingdom (GB)

Specialised in = Specialisation

Scope of business:

Scope of business:
Market Sectors: Research Solutions: Research services:
Specialised in Durables / Electrical Goods
Specialised in New Products
Specialised in Technology
Specialised in Telecommunications
Specialised in Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure

Advertising / Public Relations
Catering / Hospitality
Cosmetics / Hygiene
Fragrance Industry
Foods / Nutrition
Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
IT / Software / Hardware
Logistic / Mail / Transportation
Pet Owners / Foods / Supplies
Textile / Fashion / Clothing
Toys / Games
Specialised in Business-to-business
Specialised in Concept / Positioning Development
Specialised in Image Studies
Specialised in Car Clinics
Specialised in Website Usability

Copy Testing
Brand Research
Children / Youth's Research
Concept Testing
Consumer Research
Corporate Image Research
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Ethnographic Research
International Studies
Internet / Online
Product Development
Product Testing
Packaging / Design
Projective Techniques
Psychological / Motivational Research
Segmentation Research
Usage & Attitude Studies
Advertising / Communication
Business-to-Business Research
International Research
Marketing Research
New Product Research
Focus groups
in-depth interviews
Online focus groups

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Siège Social
8 rue de l'Isly
75008 Paris
Phone: +33-1-3916.9426

Key people
Mr. Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson

Qualitative Agency/Consultant
Founded in: 1997
Employees: 2