Data Collect s. r. o.

Prague 5, Czech Republic

Geologicka 575/2
152 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Phone: +420-225-020.010
Fax: +420-225-020.011

We offer first class data collection (CATI, CAWI) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and CEE region.

Founded 2005
Employees 17
Interviewers 400

Company type:

  • Data Collection / Field Services

Data Collect is an independent fieldwork specialist. We offer first class data collection and data processing in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and CEE region. Data Collect is a partner and data supplier of research companies, advertising and media agencies, consultants and public administration. Our service portfolio includes a wide range of data collection techniques.

- Own CATI centre with 60 stations located in Prague
- All stations connected to the internet (CATI2WEB)
- Online research
- Own proprietary online panels
- Mobile research
- Data processing
- Online Focus groups sofware

Our specialists will gladly recommend the most convenient method of interviewing. In the realisation phase of the project, we put emphasis on a close contact with the client, so as to best know their needs and requirements.

Research conducted in


  • Europe (Central/Eastern)


  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia

Key people

Mr. Radek Domansky
Managing Director
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Research Specializations

Market Sectors

  • Automotive
  • Financial Services

Research Solutions

  • Online/Mobile Panel

Research Services

  • Panels - General
  • Online
  • CATI
  • Online
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