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WIN/Gallup International Association Corporate Member

c/o Walder Wyss Ltd.
Seefeldstrasse 123
8008 Zurich, Switzerland
Registered Office in Zurich, Switzerland

Founded in 1947

Jean-Marc Léger

Executive Vice-Presidents
Laure Castelnau – IBOPE (Brazil)
Pascal Gaudin - BVA (France)
Vilma Scarpino - DOXA (Italy)
Richard Colwell - Red C (Ireland)
Andrey Milekhin - Romir (Russia)
Heiner Junker - Produkt+Markt (Germany)
Ijaz Gilani - Gallup Pakistan (Pakistan)
Johnny Heald - ORB International (UK)
Kancho Stoychev - Gallup International Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
Peter Kenny - Colmar Brunton (Australia)
Selim Saad - REACH (Lebanon)

The WIN/Gallup International is the leading association in market research and polling and offers you the Best of Both Worlds: the highest quality at the most competitive price.

WIN/Gallup International is made up of the 76 largest independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries with combined revenue of over €500 million and covering 95% of the world's market. Our 76 Members are carefully selected by the Association Board and are leading national institute with an in-depth local knowledge of research techniques and culture differences of their own country. This allows our clients to access powerful insights and economies of scale without losing the benefits of knowledgeable local researchers.

The WIN/Gallup International is proud to offer:

The highest Quality Standards & Best Practices in International Coordination: WIN/Gallup International prides itself on the high quality of its own work and the work of its Members. With the accumulated experience of our Members and our 60 years involvement in coordinating and managing multi-country social research studies, we guarantee the highest level quality and expertise.

We offer a Turnkey Approach: One of the many benefits of our approach is that our client has a single point of contact and we deal with all the research suppliers around the world.

Local Expertise at an international level: We adapt any research to your needs to provide you with the most compelling insights.

Social Research in time of crisis: We offer proactive social polls to contribute to the greater good of humanity. One of our particular strength is our ability to quickly access public opinion around the global in time of crisis.

Our expert Members are at the leading edge of technical and methodological developments, which have impacted on not only the research industry but also on the whole commercial world. WIN/Gallup International has internationally renowned experts, on all continents, in public opinion, Third World issues, advertising and media research as well as in commercial field such as IT/Telecommunications, healthcare, retail, economics, and corporate research.