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Mr Jozsi Toth
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Founded: 2006

Frédéric Miedzinski
Jozsi Toth
John Shepherd
Tae Kim

Open World, Market Research for Positive Globalization, is a voluntary network of 16 partners: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.

We aim to enhance multi-country market research by:

  • The "Citizen of the Planet Mindset"
  • linking partners committed by close long-standing relationships
  • nurtured by collaborative (annual) meetings

for enhanced cooperation and coordination of projects.

  • The "Tilt Cross Cultural Study"
  • highlighting the individual characteristics of a country in multi-country studies
  • through a "sociological", "brand relationship" and "value" approach

for a thorough interpretation of multi-country market research.

  • The "Single International Qualitative Reporting"
  • adding valid international analysis, without limiting national analysis
  • thanks to the skill of our "International Qualitative Specialist"

for providing clients with true international qualitative research.

  • The "International Sector Experts"
  • having gained detailed sector knowledge in each country
  • such as food, medical, automotive, electric appliances, distribution, cosmetics and perfume

for multi-country research managed by sector experts.

  • The "International Standard Solutions Studies"
  • on brands: "Open World One by One Brand Pull"
  • new products, food testing, design and colour

for a greater technical approach and comparability between countries.

  • The "Foreign Markets Exploration Studies":
  • "Is America at Reach: Packaged Food & Beverages"

by the Open World Online Panel through daily purchase diaries

  • "Cast a Glance in Nigeria: Packaged Food & Beverages"

through a Store Check in Supermarkets.

  • The "Active Board", comprising four senior researchers
  • working together for 20 years

for a single partner for global studies.

"Our Multi-Country studies are worth more than the mere sum of their national building blocks"

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