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haystack finds the insights that turn your business opportunities into gold.

Into gold? Because we substantially increase the success rate of your innovations & marketing investments.

How? By tapping into the unconscious consumer's mind, which allows us to predict his behaviour better and more accurate.

Why? Consumers are mostly unable to explain their buying decisions. To reveal what they really want, haystack uses the best recipe ever: a combination of neuro research, implicit measurement, and contextual quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Pioneer since 1974, haystack is dedicated to reality-driven and science-based sensory and marketing research. We turn insights into tangible recommendations to help you create superior products and brands, and unique shopping experiences.

What can we do for you?

Sensory – develop superior products. Have your products evaluated by expert panels and/or non-expert consumers to find out how they are perceived. Then optimize the sensory aspects the sensory aspects to meet customer expectations.

Concept & Product – make it and sell it! Select the winning idea and launch or market it successfully. From creating concepts and communication, to optimizing product features and supporting go-to-market strategies.

Pack & Shopper – create packs with impact and memorable shopping experiences. Activate shoppers into buying, all along the path to purchase. Who buys what, when, where, why and how?

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