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Open World, Market Research for Positive Globalization, is a voluntary network of 16 partners: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.

We aim to enhance multi-country market research by:

The "Citizen of the Planet Mindset"
linking partners committed by close long-standing relationships
nurtured by collaborative (annual) meetings
for enhanced cooperation and coordination of projects.

The "Tilt Cross Cultural Study"
highlighting the individual characteristics of a country in multi-country studies
through a "sociological", "brand relationship" and "value" approach
for a thorough interpretation of multi-country market research.

The "Single International Qualitative Reporting"
adding valid international analysis, without limiting national analysis
thanks to the skill of our "International Qualitative Specialist"
for providing clients with true international qualitative research.

The "International Sector Experts"
having gained detailed sector knowledge in each country
such as food, medical, automotive, electric appliances, distribution, cosmetics and perfume
for multi-country research managed by sector experts.

The "International Standard Solutions Studies"
on brands: "Open World One by One Brand Pull"
new products, food testing, design and colour
for a greater technical approach and comparability between countries.

The "Foreign Markets Exploration Studies":
"Is America at Reach: Packaged Food & Beverages"
by the Open World Online Panel through daily purchase diaries

"Cast a Glance in Nigeria: Packaged Food & Beverages"
through a Store Check in Supermarkets.

The "Active Board", comprising four senior researchers
working together for 20 years
for a single partner for global studies.

"Our Multi-Country studies are worth more than the mere sum of their national building blocks"

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