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Request For Proposals

Are you looking for a supplier of data, insights and research services? Then you have come to the correct place! If you need a service from our industry which you know meets the highest international standards of professionalism, then look no further than the companies in the ESOMAR Directory!

All companies have either an individual or corporate membership within the organisation meaning that you know they are living up to the standards and guidelines set out in the ESOMAR/ICC Code of Conduct and associated guidelines. It also means that should something go wrong then you have recourse to our independent disciplinary system.

Please log in with your existing MyESOMAR credentials or create an account to be able to:

  • Send a Request for Proposals to one or multiple companies listed on this platform, based on your project's goals and needs, directly from this page.
  • Select your business goal (e.g. new product testing) and then filter through companies based on the research solution needed (e.g. B2B research, segmentation analysis etc.) and the country (e.g. United States) you would like.
  • View your drafts and list of request for proposals that you have sent to selected companies.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) tool is easy to use – just fill in your requirements and wait for the proposals to roll in.

See here a preview of what and how the tool can facilitate your request for proposals.

If you wish to continue without using an account, then your request for proposal can be sent only to one company at a time, and without any benefit as described above for MyESOMAR account. To proceed, please select a company from search result or browse by country, sector, solution or service, and click on “Request a proposal” button.

Do you have a MyESOMAR account already?